Louise Reneau


Click on the links below to launch the sample websites:

Combining a love for boating and photography in the Chesapeake Bay area, myboatpic.com

The ever-changing Wachusett Writers and Poets Club:
Wachusett Writers and Poets Club

Captain Hubley's summer get away cabin in beautiful Point Prim, Prince Edwards Island:
Captain Hubley's Cabin

Maximum Ground's website is under construction, but is currently online: Maximum Grounds

This Cuttyhunk Website was created as a project for media design class at Clark University:
A Virtual Visit to Cuttyhunk Massachusetts

TeleMedix.com was a physician's homepage that launched TeleConsult®, an Internet service that enabled labs, physicians and specialists to consult and collaborate with diagnostic medical images. I was responsible for the usability, look and feel and launch of the TeleMedix website: